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Content Lifecycle Management

Wherever . Whenever . However

Wherever . Whenever . However

Preserving and repurposing content requires professionals who are up to speed on new technologies and processes. Your content storage management solution needs to be able to capture, encode and distribute the vast number of file formats developed over decades across multiple networks and devices.

We are a member of the 60 year old Prasad Group, a global post production conglomerate. Our clientele include the World's leading production houses, archives and film makers. Our decades of expertise in high-end post production gives us the cutting edge with all media including tape, film, sound, images and documents to name a few. We digitize, enable, manage and distribute your content across various platforms including Television Channels, VOD, Mobile Platforms, Network Screens and virtually any medium of viewing.





Fullcircle Media Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for your content management across the complete media work-flow. It streamlines and optimizes the process of Ingesting, Cataloguing, Quality Control, Storage, Archival and Distribution across various user networks.

FC MAM seamlessly integrates with virtually any third party appliance and application. Clients can customize their production, post production & distribution process and automate the entire process flow for unattended access.

FC MAM, Software as a Service (SaaS) enables the complete media eco system with ease, economically.


Content Storage

The client’s digital content is stored in the FullCircle-Technology storage system in its native format. The high performance & high availability storage architecture ensures safety and security of client’s content and available as required. Clients can have high security storage online, near-line and off-line as well to preserve, manage, repurpose and to distribute their content.


Content Ingest

Imports the digital assets of any size or any format (SD/HD/2K/4K etc.) into the FC Storage system. Native resolution proxy files generated from the 'Master Content' optimizes the productivity of your work-flow.

Content stored in different media (portable hard disk, LTO etc.) are having greater challenges in terms of performance and consistency in quality due to various technical, environmental and operational reasons. FC Ingest service is perfect for clients who do not want to invest upfront into expensive technology but still require best in class infrastructure, knowledge & expertise in handling similar operations and high quality of service on a pay per use model.


Meta Data Logging

From basic details to extensive information about the content FC Metadata Services provides solutions to search and retrieve from the Archival Repository. The tags or attributes assigned to a specific content will essentially complement your process flow across the utilization network. This service is provided by a professional team of trained resources with years of experience.


Quality Control

Quality Control is an essential process in any content life cycle to ensure Quality of Experience. We offer, a wide range of services right from manual verification of your content to automated file based quality check. We comply with the client’s QC requirements by integrating a wide range of file QC applications.



Modern day content consumption trends have changed dynamically from single screen to multi-screens. Our transcoding service does this job perfectly and makes it compatible with different screens.



We deliver your content across your desired locations through media of your choice. The critical delivery deadlines and complexities are managed easily with the FC MAM's publishing and distribution features. You can pre-plan and automate content easily with our solutions.


Archive & Restore

We offer an enterprise class high capacity off-line disk library for Archiving your precious content. Searching for a specific content from a large silo of content is never easy, but our ODM technology eliminates your worries.

A professionally maintained and secured storage library handled by qualified resources take full responsibility of your valuable contents. We provide content archival facility at multiple locations as part of our Disaster Recovery strategy.

Our Approach

Implementation of content management systems is not simply about buying and installing a solution. There are some excellent technical platforms available, including those from several leading service providers and Full Circle works with them all. But the starting point for any successful adoption begins with process analysis – based on your current practice and future goals. The media specialists at Full Circle will ensure you cover the complete cycle with absolute focus. If, for example, you own vast archives of historical assets on media which are no longer supported, your starting point will be different from that of a company that was born digital.

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